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Jeggae (Fay Jeggae Chien de la Prolingée)

Daughter of:
Jazoux (Jazoux Chien de la Prolingée) and Diablo (Ido Diablo of the White Wolves Home)

Date of birth: 15 April 2006 (Sterilized)
Pedigreenumber: A.L.S.H. 0063778
Height: 62 1/2 cm

Coatvariety: Shortcoat

HD: B1
ED: Free
(Tested in Belgium)
MDR1-gene defect: Free (+/+)

DNA profiled
Diploma sociability test (TST)

Licence agility (Be)
gilitycompetition: Level 2

December '12: int. show Winner Amsterdam: 1Excellent CACIB and res. CAC
May '12: int. show Arnhem Joe cat: 4Excellent Open Class
April '12: int. show Leeuwarden (NL): 2Excellent Open Class
November '09: Clubmatch NKC Veendam: 2Excellent Open Class
Augustus '08: Clubmatch ZWHBe: 2Excellent Open Class
ebruari '08: int. show Gent: 3Very Good Open Class
December '07: int. show Genk: 1Excellent Res.CACIB In-between Class
September '07: Hoenderloo Clubmatch ZWHVN: Excellent Young Dog Class
Februari '07: int show Turnhout: 1Very Good Youth Class

Jeggae is the mother of our 2010-, 2011- and 2013 litter.

Admiral of White Ivory
Falco von Finn

Roy van Hiemrod

Nena Blondy von Ronanke

Indy van Hiemrod
Montana-Joe vom Schloss Felsberg
Ido Diablo of the White Wolves Home

Alpha van Hiemrod

Rudy van Goese's Hoes
Xantho Filos van Goese's Hoes

Betty Boop of the White Wolves Home

Regalwise Jewell of Goese's Hoes

Royal Amigo of the Silver Wolfsfarm


Flash-Yukon of White Condor
Atlas Sultan vom AC Nordlicht

Einstein-Tyson vom Sutumer Grund

Briska Jill von Schmollerhof

Aliena von White Princess
Androit Boy von Polarstern
Jazoux Chien de la Prolingée

Princess vom Wolfsgehege

Arras the Lovely White Sheperd
Astor von Akropolis

Happy Kimba the Lovely White Sheperd (Jizzah)

Bigfoot van Twenthe Bloed

Sathika of the White Valley
Silvester Canto vom Schloss Felsberg

Gypsy of the White Valley
Nederlandse versie
On the photo at the top of the page: Jeggae with her two grandmom's. Fltr Jizzah, Jeggae and Betty (the mother of Jeggae's father)