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Litterplanning 2018

23 March 2018: Jairha x Shadow.
A succesfull mating took place on January 19. Jairha's pregnancy is confirmed!
The proud parents: Jairha (left) and Shadow (right)
        Mother: Awedistra's Jairha                                             Father: Niclas vom Altdeutschen Eck 
Date of birth: 05-06-2011                                                       Date of birth: 02-11-2014 
HD B1 (tested in Belgium)                                                             HD A (nbw 38, oa) 
ED Free, MDR1 Free, Dilution Free                                                      ED Free, DM N/N           
DNA registered                                                                           DNA registered 
sociabilitytest Belgium, character tested DHCN                                               character tested                       

All pups are longcoated, straight-backed (Old)German Shepherds and come with Oldgerman shepherdpapers of the DHCN!
If you are interested please contact me by phone (+31(0)6 2526 4822) or send an email (
Pedigree of the future puppies:

Basko vom Haus Seefeldt
Nando von den Gnitzer Höhen

Hago vom Poppitz

Josi von den Tonteichen

Zola vom Poppitz
Don vom Clausberg
Niclas vom Altdeutschen Eck

Quandra vom Poppitz

Attila vom Preussichen Hof
Yros von Kösters Eck

Ulla-Black vom Altdeutschen Eck

Xanni von Sandokan

Okaya vom Altdeutschen Eck
Nico von Essex

Daffy vom Altdeutschen Eck

Aristima Blue Thunder of Gentlebears Aristima Blue Arctic Spirit

Gentlebears Saintly Tiger at GlebevonWood
Golden Lady of the Mist from Aristima

Asoka Marquesa of Llanrose Asoka Jazz Man
Awedistra's Jairha de la Prolingée

Asoka Black Juni

Abben Beefcake Abben Brecan

Settleborn Ebony of Awedistra
Fayrelander Bramble Rose for Abben

Settleborn Pia Abben Bearhug

Wurzburg Cracker

Litterplanning 2018/2019
(Old)German Shepherd pups of Juïque and ..... (expected colours: black and ...)

Combination are always made that pups garanteed will not suffer from MDR1 and/or DM!
Pups are as usual sold with everything up, on and with it (buying contract, report of the puppy character test, European passport, vaccination, surprise puppy bag, etc...) and will be dewormed every two weeks and will receive their first vaccination. All pups will get a pedigree of the DHCN and European passport. Also check 'Introduction'.

Please contact us for more information: or +316 2526 4822 (NL number)

Nederlandse versie
On the pictures on top: puppies Jairha x Ross 2015; puppies Jeggae x Obilix 2011; two pups from Jairha x Ross 2015