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Who is behind 'de la Prolingea'?

My name is Jeldou Boorsma, originally from Dutch soil, having lived in Belgium for about seven years, in the neighbourhood of Ghent to be more precise. This move was done because of the choice for my study. I started studying veterinairy medicine at the university of Ghent. I graduated in 2011 and started my veterinarian career in the Netherlands in the beginning of 2012.

I'm the proud owner of two White Swiss Shepherd Dogs: Jerzan and Jevlin and two German Shepherd Dog: Jairha and her daughter Juïque. To provide optimum care and attention to all dogs Jerzan lives in a fosterhome in Belgium. Although I've got the ownership of a kennelname "de la Prolingea" the dogs don't live in a kennel but just in the house. It also doesn't mean that the breeding is on a large schale. A litter is well planned and just as special as the previous time. Parents are sought out with great care and improving the breed is always above multiplication.

How it all started...

Jizzah, my first White Swiss Shepherd Dog and matriarch of the kennel, was born on December the 13th in 1998 in kennel 'the Lovely White Sheperd' owned by Jan Jongeneel in The Netherlands. Jizzah came to live with me on Valentines day in 1999. Soon after that the White-Shepherd-virus (a virus well known to White Shepherd owners) hit me like a bomb. So, I did my first show with Jizzah and experienced that the judges were charmed by Jizzah's charms. And one thing led to another...Jizzah's hips were X-rayed, she took a breeding qualification in no time and before I knew it I was looking for the perfect partner for Jizzah. I soon found him and in the summer of 2002 Jizzah gave birth to her first litter. I kept one pup from this litter: Jazoux.
As a result of lack of room and time, Jizzah never got a second litter. Now there is enough room and so Jazoux got her first litter in spring of 2006. In this litter there was only one bitch. But more choice was not necessairy. This little girl had to stay! And so Jeggae joined the pack. I wanted to keep a pup of Jeggae to secure generation number four. That's why I choose for the fosterhome construction for a male from her first litter. So now Jerzan lives with and is loved by the Family Harnisfeger - Legroe.

Jairha was added to the pack in the summer of 2011. This fancy lady is a líttle different than the others. She is a solid black longcoated German Shepherd who I imported from the UK. In 2015 Jairha got her first litter and I kept a little solid black girl from this litter: Juïque. In the beginning of 2015 a gorgeous White Shepherd female in Germany at the Kennel of 'of the White Heaven' gave birth to a beautiful litter of nine. Jevlin is one of them and came to live with me shortly after. Maya was born in 2012 and is total different story. You can read her story on her own page.
Unfortunally dogs also don't have an everlasting life. Jizzah was put to sleep in May 2012. She was deteriorating slowly and her body was at the tender age of 13,5 like a candle in the wind. Jazoux went after her in the summer of 2015 at the age of 13.

For years agility has been a great hobby of mine. I tried to make my first dog, a male Labrador Retriever named Joyroh, a nice working dog. Unfortunately for me, he was more destined to be a kind of rug where you can warm your feet under in a nice warm living room in the middle of winter in stead of the fantastic working dog I had in mind. What a relief when I started training Jizzah. She has liked everything: from obedience to agility.
In the first year of a dog life, I try to establish most of the basic obedience commands and after that the training of agility begins.

What can you expect from us?

The pups are born and raised indoors, next to everyday noises, smells, other dogs and, most importantly, other human hands, and voices. I also do different trips, collective with the whole litter as well as individually (in the car, to a (dog)school, petting farm, woods, etc...) to insure an optimal socialisation before they leave here. I dot not invite puppybuyers in the first three weeks of the pup's life. That is because of hygiene but also because it may have a stressful effect on the mother. Besides, the pups are quite boring the first three weeks because they don't deviate much from the drink/sleep/defecate program. After those three weeks it gets a lot more fun! And also a lot more social and cosy! Visitors are very welcome and the pups are taught a lot of different things. Eventually they have to leave and it is very necessairy that a pup is a bit worldly-wise when he leaves us at eight weeks of age. At the age of seven weeks the pups undergo a puppy-character-test. Based on the results of these tests and with my own findings, the pups are coupled to the new owners. This is to make sure the best combinations are made between dogs and (future) owners. The pups are vaccinated, chipped, checked by the Raad van Beheer (Dutch Kennelclub) and than they are ready to go to their new owners. For every pup a pedigree is requested by the Raad van Beheer). Of course, we only breed with parent dogs who are completely approved by the demands of the ZWHVN (Dutch association of White Swiss Shepherds) and the DHCN (Dutch association of German Shepherds) (plus the extra demands we have besides that).

Our goal is to deliver a puppy with the potential to be preferent!!!!
Nederlandse versie
On the pictures at the top of the page fltr: Jonnae, a daughter of Jeggae and Conner and I; Jeggae on my lap; Jameoz, a son of Jeggae and Conner, and I
Pictures in the text from top to bottom: Jizzah sleeping with the ball in her mouth: Jazoux during one of her first agilitylessons